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21 January 2011 @ 12:24 pm
Vitamin D.ay  
I love sad, rainy weather. This is because it is apt for coziness, and gives everyone pause enough to get a little philosophical. Time gets really slow for me and I can squeeze in a lot of pondering and napping and movie-watching, book-reading, cat-cuddling.

I enjoy witnessing people's perspectives on weather from city to city I live in. You can imagine the difference between Minnesota and California. My old Norwegian boss in Saint Paul loved sitting outside with the door wide open when I'd arrive barely mobile in my layers at 7am in the middle of 9 months of winter. Here, it is very sun-related. Frisco peeps are Vitamin D addicts. There are warm, lovely-to-the-skin but cloudy days when they bundle up and shiver; and then there are bundle-worthy breath-seeing but sunny days which get them whooping and jogging.

Fair enough. I'm beginning to understand it. I live in a flat that is absolutely bright and gorgeous and energizing when it is sunny, and am thus inspired to leap out of bed and start making healthy choices right away. There are many junky pleasures I enjoy in life, but in recent weeks I've learned (in the visceral, experiential rather than intellectual way) that they and healthy ones are such similar coins, just one's up and one's down. Weekday breakfasts have been oatmeal with a banana at the least and yogurt if I have some, sometimes a sausage when I get to work. Lots of burritos for lunch-dinners. Saturdays I cook a nastylicious bacon, eggs, buttered-baguette breakfast for the man & I and Sundays we pop over to the mint plaza Blue Bottle for waffles and huge bowls of yogurt parfait and siphon coffee. So obviously the weekend is lax, but that's a first-world norm anyways. Back to the coins: healthy's up and junky's down. Eating and doing healthy stuff makes everything else a pleasure and if not at first then eventually, as a result, becomes a pleasure in the moment, while eating and doing junky stuff is an immediate pleasure but then you feel like shit. And quitting biting my nails I learned I am a pretty cold-turkey kind of gal, no cocking around about that. Eating and doing healthy is my face-up, lucky coin to pocket and pass on in my subsequent goings-about.

The funny thing about weather is you don't know what it's gonna be like. You've got to be a flexible activity ninja, and keep yourself informed as much as anyone is.

Makes me awfully curious what Vancouver weather will be like. I've always thought I'd love it but who knows at this point, and the point when I will is a year away. I do know the key to unlocking warmth and wicking in its wet winters will be wool. I also know I used some badass alliteration in that sentence, but I didn't even plan it during its composition. Mmmm giggity!
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